Dia Vuma, Tuma Mina (Send me, Lord Jesus, I am ready!)

18 01 2010

…or as ready as I’m going to be.

Heading out to Uganda today.  I can’t believe it’s actually here!  I’ve been waiting since high school for this experience and I feel so blessed that I’m actually having it.

This week at orientation has been great – check the links on the side panel for photos with the other interns (http://www.flickr.com/photos/46664363@N02/show/).  Everyone here is incredibly dedicated and talented – we fell into easy friendships through our common passions and hopes.  It’s sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I can’t wait to here their stories.  My Uganda team is especially gifted (no offense, Costa Rica and Canada) and I can’t wait to start working.

We’ll have a week of orientation once we arrive in Uganda, and we’re already learned a lot about the culture.  RULE #1 – Learn to ask questions indirectly.  RULE #2 – Learn to answer with your eyebrows.  RULE #3 – White women are “honorary men.”  RULE #4 – Be completely open to what God has planned for us and seek him everyday.

I want to give a sincere thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and praying for me.  I could not have done this without the help of family and friends who’s love has been so tangible over the years.  And for those who know my mom and dad – please check in on them from time to time 🙂

For those of you thinking of the victims in Haiti, this is a time to react with prayer and donations.  One of our eMi team leaders is currently en route to Haiti via a cross-country car trip in the Dominican Republic, and one of my fellow interns has family in Port au Prince helping with relief.  I’m sure that eMi will have a role in both the relief and recovery of Haiti, but until then please pray that they receive hope and compassion in this unbelievably horrible and tense time.

More to come later…heading to the airport in Denver now.  Maybe gonna make McDonald’s my last American meal.

Love always,





One response

29 01 2010

So you won’t believe this… me, Caitie and nine other HAs were ALSO in the Denver airport for a good portion of this day! I wish we had known so we could have given you a heartwarming send-off. I hope you are having a beautiful morning in Uganda, my dear 🙂

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