20 01 2010

Hello all!

Just a quick message to let you all know I’m safe and sound (and using a mosquito net).  I’ve been here for about 24 hours and am trying to quickly get over the jet lag.  We’ll start work next Monday after a week of orientation in the office.  Just a few first impressions:

1.  Bio Sand Water Filters are amazing.

2. The mosquito nets are actually quite pretty.

3. There’s always a bit of a breeze despite the heat.

4. I have my own desk!

5. The power has already stopped working once today, and the Internet went out twice.

6. The cure to a hot day is a cool shower at night.

Love you all and can’t wait to post some work progress!




One response

29 01 2010
Sue Thompson

Glad to hear you arrived safe and when you read this you will have completed your first week of work…..look forward to hearing about your thoughts as you get to know the community you serve.

My 5-year old niece is building a model of Fiji for school and she needs palm trees….too funny….nice to know there is something I can teach her….new skills from working with you and the ToTems staff. Thought that may make you laugh…

You will be in our prayers. Take care!

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