I Have No Money – I Pay You in Pig!

5 02 2010

Finished my first project today. It was a small residence for a ministry leader that was technically outside of our design purview (but I’m quickly learning that nothing is truly outside of it). It was a great refresher for AutoCAD (after my Rhino-only binge of the last year) and a great way to jump into work.

Upon receiving the drawings, the ministry leader called my project leader and offered us a pig. He said he didn’t have any money to pay us (obviously too shocked by the superior quality of my drawings to remember that we are a non-for-profit :-)), but he would gladly slaughter a pig for us and invited us to dinner. If we didn’t want to come down he would make a pork run up to our office. After cooking every day for the past two weeks, pork payment seems like the best kind of currency.

Cooking itself has been a great adventure. The Lorettas in the family will be proud to know that I made my own pasta sauce with the milk, butter, eggs and tomatoes we had leftover in the house. The eggplant parm is a different story, as was my guacamole with fibrous avocados, but all in all there have been more successes than failures. Seriously, I’m really enjoying having to think on my feet and solve a new problem each night: How will we wash dishes with no running water? How do we store leftovers if the fridge is broken? How do I mix a coffee cake with no electricity? (The answer: Use my stubby fingers.) All I can say is that Chris would like my methods, and Sal would love the results (seriously, Sal – try the sauce. Try it.)

And yet tonight we took a break. We met with a bunch of American women (and Josh – thanks for being a good sport) working and living in Kampala and went to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city (about a $12 expense). We feasted on Indian food for 2+ hours while enjoying great conversation and fellowship. Even though it was Punjabi flavored, it felt a bit like home. A little R+R after a non-stop couple of weeks was unexpectedly needed, and I am so grateful for it. Rachel and I even wore a little makeup.

Now, back to work. The internet has been touch a go for a while, so I’ll try to upload some pictures this weekend – especially of the kids. I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to download LOST before the weekend is through…

Love you all and miss you. Thank you for your continued prayers, updates, and love. God bless you all!




2 responses

9 02 2010

First of all I love you and miss you! Second, it is crazy how much I have been experiencing Africa vicariously through you and my friend Ali. Words like bodas and places like Kampala actually sound semi familiar. I have incredible respect for what you are doing- I will be praying for you!
Lots of love,

10 02 2010

Heck, us folks down here on the farm are paid in pig all the time šŸ™‚
Sounds like a Doc Hollywood moment if ya ask me. I can just see ya walking your pig along the streets waving and having everyone say, “Nice Pig Doc”

Your in our prayers Joey has been learning about missions in Africa so he gets it when we pray for Megan in Africa.

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